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The Underwood Family, James, Nicole & Nicholas, Summer 2018 vacation picture
My wife & I Adopted our Son
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2016 marks my 20th year with Coca Cola
I repair the fountain and
the Freestyle equipment.

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weight issues nearly killed me

Early 2017 I was heading to a call
in Corte Madera. Starting from home
I began having Heart palpitations
by the time I reached Vallejo I decided
I needed to go to a hospital

my blood pressure was off the charts
and they had to bring it down slowly
to prevent me having a stroke.

My cholesterol was high,
and I had Diabetes.
thankfully my heart was ok.

To make a long story short
I dropped sugar cold turkey and
fasted for the first 2 months

I lost 70 pounds in 8 months
and I began to understand the root cause of
my life long weight issues now that
I wasn't eating all that crap .

the failure to maintain friends and
lack of self-confidence, without the support
healthy friendships provide, deprived my social growth.

unable to develop socially resulted in depression
I then over compensated by eating unhealthy foods
and consumed extreme amounts of high fructose beverages
this all lead to years of obesity and eventually to diabetes

years of failed dieting was finally understood
once I was aware of the route cause
and ongoing issue that drove the depression
I was now able to dramatically change my habits
I have lost an entire person in body fat but most important
I continue to keep it off and have not gone back to my old ways
Understanding the last leg driving the depression
has giving me a tool to use to inspire positive results
it's too deep to explain this part
just accept that I figured it out and it works
I have had dramatic results in all areas
My blood pressure is under control and reads
normal about 110/68
I lost 70 pounds in 8 months and
I dropped my A1C from 11.5 to 6.0
I went from extreme high bad cholesterol
to almost no bad cholesterol
and now have normal good cholesterol
it's far better than expected
and cannot be explained by treatment alone

my average blood glucose reading is now normal

This is how this started

I had normal friendship skills when I was a child
in first grade I really liked a little Girl named Tara
I would go over to her house and we would play together
of course little boy's are not suppose to like little girl's
so I tried to hide this but I had a senile grand mother
suffering short term memory loss, she repeated everything
and asked me over and over again if I had a girlfriend
I denied it and finally hid under her piano to escape the interrogation
I stopped going to Tara's house and let the friendship die

I was traumatized and could no longer
develop nor maintain friends

I no longer participated in friendships
Then for the next 15+ years without a network of friends
I suffered the results that this void placed
on my social growth and development
especially when relating to the opposite sex

in 1989 I went to our
class ten year reunion
I was hoping to see someone
whom I had fallen in love with from YV
she wasn't there, but we did speak by phone.
my parents were in the next room and could hear me
I was still immature and shy and without having privacy
I couldn't communicate or vocalize

she was responding to a letter I wrote after the reunion
I found the courage to send it to her
and included my parents phone number
she explained why she couldn't be there
she had a miscarriage
I felt I should go to her
but I was a coward and I didn't
I should have been stronger,
obviously I can't get her out of my head

This was a wake-up call
my inability to communicate
was directly related to my surroundings
this had to change
I realized I must move from my parents
I grew up
I worked a lot of over time,
saved and bought a condo.
With no one watching me
I finally felt comfortable to date
I met Nicole, and
after 2 years we married
My parents, siblings, grand children and my wife

but why did I still
eat all that crap
for another 28 years?

although I have a strong
and happy marriage
my other desires
had gone unfulfilled
I didn't understand I was depressed
but subconsciously food made me happy

this area is open to the woman
who called me after the reunion
a pass code is needed to proceed
the code is your 8 digit birthday


Obviously I am nothing special, the world doesn't revolve around me
this is not supposed to be a declaration of self importance
in fact it's pathetic but necessary in order for me to move on

I know I should have gone to a Psychologist to figure all this crap out
but that's not how I do things, even as a child
I always took things apart and rebuilt them
I do that today for a living and I've done that with myself
I don't care if I embarrass myself
if I have nothing to hide it makes me stronger
so these are my flaws, I'm not perfect
but now I can go forward

send me scans of your Elementary class photos
74 & 75 Oak Grove middle school Yearbook scans
and any past reunion group photos of our class of '79
especially scans of our sophomore class
from the YVHS 1977 Yearbook
will be greatly appreciated
Thank you all

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