Buddy Former First Dog
Former first dog

died: 01/03/02

Buddy was struck by a vehicle drivin by a 17-year-old girl after "playfully chasing a contractor" who had just left the residence.

Secret Service agents rushed after Buddy when they saw him chasing the contractor's van off the property, and arrived at the scene moments after Buddy was struck.

The agents immediately took Buddy to Chappaqua Animal Hospital, where Buddy was pronounced dead.

When Clinton was govenor of Arkansa, his previous dog, a cocker spaniel named Zeke, was killed by a car in 1990

Bill and Hillary Clinton said in a written statement "We are deeply saddened by Buddy's death, He was a loyal companion and brought us much joy. He will be truly missed" Buddy was named after Clinton's great-uncle, Henry Oren "Buddy" Grisham who died in June of 1997

Clinton received Buddy as a gift in December 1997, then a 3-month-old Buddy, stood by his master as the Monica Lewinsky scandal surfaced.

Buddy and Socks, the first cat, did not get along so the Clintons gave Socks away.

The Clinton's were vacationing in Mexico's coastal resort of Acapulco at the time of Buddy's passing