We didn't all attend the same Elementary School, some attended Bancroft, some Valle Verde, some Woodside
or other area Elementary and Middle Schools. Many of your classmates who attended these Schools with you
went on to Ygnacio Valley to be part of our graduating class in 1979 thus their inclusion here is relevant

By submitting your class photos you are giving us permission to add these images to the site, however this does
not guarantee inclusion of any image into the website. Alterations or a reduction of quality maybe necessary to
conserve dataspace. Blank areas maybe filled with noncommercial historic facts for the corresponding year.

Please send us your class photos:

Here is how;
first scan your class photos into your computer
then submit them as attachments in your email
send your email to: alumni@yvhs79.com

Thank you for participating, as an alumni
your assistance in developing this website
is greatly appreciated.

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