HISTORY of yvhs79.com

The site you know today as "Ygnacio Valley Class of '79" wasn't always that
but it had elements of that shortly after it's begining ,
I started this as a free web page in 1998 as cbn2 or
Cat Box News,
a fun site centered around one of our cats
"George Kitty Kitten"
the cat had personality and I gave him a voice and a website ,
People would ask George for advice.
this site was replaced with the ask the web wizzard
this is a link to a non functioning 2001 version
I replaced that one with "web wizzard"
mostly a more updated version still low tech but satisfactory.
this can be found in the "Games & Fun" section along with
"Lucky charms sex test" originally a chain email
that was conceived years prior to facebook,
I don't know who created it
but I turned it into an interactive website
along with other websites I put together
and have added some in here for your entertainment.

I always had our Class of 79 in mind
but did not have a yearbook
once I had scans I was ready to start the site
a search on the web archive
I found some early examples of my work
I added them here, click on them
and you can see how the class of '79 evolved
and finally earned it's own web address as yvhs79.com

These older links do not function 100% some content is missing

09/05/2002 our Yearbook

even as I work I am called back to YVHS

09/17/2002 Teachers pics from our yearbook

11/13/2002 Thinking about our Reunion for 2004

06/16/2004 updated2004 Reunion with event details

12/10/2004 updated 2004 after the event & thought's of our next event
Note: I could not attend the 2004 Reunion because I was in Guatemala adopting my son Nicholas :)

10/28/2004 yearbook updated

12/10/2004 Reunion

03/24/2005 site updated

12/21/2009 site updated

2009 my first Youtube YVHS class of '79 up load

9/28/2010 first Guest book for site

07/15/2011 site updated

07/17/2011 site update

08/16/2016 updates & getting ready for that 40th Reunion

2012 I put 2 more YVHS class of 79 uploads on Youtube

2012 the last of my YVHS class of '79 uploads on youtube

07/19/2018 miscellaneous crap I still have

01/17/2019 Made a better page with my crap

04/01/2026 ?